Cheap sex and sad films help me get where I belong..

Motion Picture Soundtrack



Dress: Epic – Gamer Girl Reverb Dress – Teal 24 HOUR GROUP GIFT!
Hoodie: Milk – My Whore Hoodie
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck Piercing
Hair: Ploom – Bria – Indecisive
Cheek Piercings: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Horns: Zombie Suicide – Fleshy Horns
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl
Boots: A&Y – Deuz Boots Metallic
Nails: dirtyland – Sculpted Long Nails
Breasts: Lolas – Tango Mesh Breasts
Ears: [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Short Gelf Ears
Skin: Zombie Suicide – Lindsey Skin #2 – Tone 1 – LB COMING SOOOOOOON!!
Eyes: .ID. Light Sensitive/Shaded – Light Blue


And I’ll take you for who you are.. if you take me for everything.

All The Same

Smile, bitches!



Taped Hands: SiniStyle – Taped Fist & Black Nails
Leg tattoo: UtopiaH – The Game of Death Tattoo
Mascara tears: Sassy Kitty Designs – Tears MakeUp
Eyeshadow: MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner Hippie
Upper tattoo: UtopiaH – Drops of Lace Tattoo
Jacket: Epic – Space Colony Jacket (part of outfit)
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck Piercing
Large horns: .Vect – Gynath Horn
Cheek piercings: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Short horns: Zombie Suicide – Fleshy Horns
Septum piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl
Necklace: dirtyland – Metal Neckless hearts (group gift)
Hair: Exile – Longest Night Wild Fusion 2
Tail: MN ~ Devil Tail
Crown: RO – Megaton Crown
Smile: ContraptioN – Demon’s Grin
Boots: R3volt – Eevie boots
Dress: R3volt – Penny Dress
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 11 DK

Such a lonely day… shouldn’t exist, it’s a day that I’ll never miss…

Lonely Day

Today I did a picture in hopes it will be on one of Dirtyland’s wall. So, why not blog it! Passes the time, I get all up in your faces again. IT SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!



Stockings: League – Side-Gartered Stockings
Lipstick: Pink Fuel INK LipGloss (Teeth)
Eyeliner: MONS – Eyeliner Hippie (white)
Eyeshadow: MONS – Eyeshadow Hippie (black)
Tattoo: Dirtyland: WTF
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck Piercing Mesh
Cheek Piercings: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl
Top: Dirtyland – Censored Top
Cig Band: Dirtyland – Cigarets Arm strap
Arm Bracelet: Dirtyland – Combat Gloves
Leg Band: Dirtyland – Creepy Doll Legband
Belly Piercing: Dirtyland – Emo Belly
Collar: Dirtyland – Lock me Collar
Wings: Dirtyland – Lost Angel Wings…
Rope: Dirtyland – Murderer Kit
Nails&Hand Bracelets: Dirtyland – Punk Perfect Hands
Arm Bands: Dirtyland – Regret ArmBands
Hair: Exile – Longest Night Wild Fusion 2
Boots: Slink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots Curvy Black
Skirt: alterego – naughty – skirt (part of the outfit Naughty)
Skin: al vulo- Eleonor


Who are you even?

Stop the Cunt Express, I need to get on.



Cuts: Pulpmoon – Legs cuts
Tattoo: UtopiaH – Drops of Lace PERFECT WARDROBE EVENT
Necklace: League – Kandula
Dress: Xplosion – DirtyDress
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Betty
Cheek Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl
Bracelet:  dirtyland – Lovers Bracelet
Nails: dirtyland – Sculpted Long Nails
Heels: Gos – Sophia Peeptoe
Nose piercing: ni.Ju – 030913 single nose ring/monochrome OLD GROUP GIFT
Lip piercings: ni.Ju – Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain
Skin: al vulo – Eleonor
Eyes: Repulse – Rigor Mortis Eyes

I invented all blogger layouts LAWL j/k I’m not uneducated =D hint hint COUGH


Remember..I am your God, I let you breathe into me…


The dreams, the damned dreams.The wake me with the shrieking memory of the cold cement floor, scratchy stiff blankets, and the echoing silence of the asylum walls. I got put away for having no sympathy. Really, that’s it. And why should I? She saw me coming down the street, she should have known looking down to me as she did would only have one reaction. All of these people don’t even appreciate my kindness. I send you to the father, who lives through me to take you home. I take away all the pain of your mundane life. Hell, it might be painful on the way out, but compared to the 20-50 years you walked this horrid path? People should be begging for my compassion.

It’s been a week since I made it out of the mental prison that is the asylum but I can’t shake the feeling they are close to finding me.. to take me back to punish my good deeds. They are just jealous the weren’t chosen. Worthless fuck pigs. Do they not know who I am?! Every cracking sound in the floor at night, I’m sure its them. They are fucking with me again.. waiting to break my mind so they can control me again.

I wont let them win.

I load the pistol I stole from the drifter whose hotel is now my place of resting. Four bullets aren’t a lot, but I only need them for the guards. Fucking place was never well guarded, and the nurses are just fat cows that resort to punching to slow you down. God forbid they have to run a few feet! But that’s fine, I have the six rings that I have slowly stolen from random worthless cunts I see from time to time. They shine a bit in the light, real gems I bet. No matter, the purpose is to break flesh not be pretty.

While I walk to the Asylum for my second coming, I pat the doll strapped to my leg. Her name is Marla and she is my guardian angel. No one can hurt me with her around, they all fear her. The walls seem higher, the doors heavier.

Making my way passed the lower halls, I lurk behind plants and bookshelves, climbing each stair up quickly. Then I see the big red metal door, the damned red door. I wanted to shoot it until there was nothing but slivers of metal left, but I only had the four bullets.. and they had a purpose. I pressed my body against the cold metal door, running my gloved hand down it, feeling the power course through my body as only I knew it wouldn’t hold anyone back again. Loud chatter and screams were heard from the other side. Fucking nut jobs in here, they need me to release their spirits to the Father. They need my harsh embrace, my strong grip around their throats, to watch the light grow dull in their eyes. Ooh, the thought made my body shiver.

Laying my face onto the red door, my lips pressing against it as a farewell kiss, I began to knock on the thundering metal with both fists. A silence roared on the other side when a loud voice screamed to the patients, “Quiet down you wackos! This might be one of the doctors! You want another electric shock?! Thats what happens to nutcases that don’t know when to shut their yaps!” A devilish grin wrapped around my face as I packed away, pointing the gun to the door, thinking,”Oh you poor meatbag, you are obviously miserable.. picking on the broken. You will be the first one to go the savior.” My little finger curled around the stiff trigger, hearing the the buzz of the door alarm and the sound of it being pulled open.

The screaming was deafening but my mind went black as I heard the shots ringing through the living room in the asylum. Two in the first guard, two in the other, one in the nurses throat as she tried to run. A squeak of a laugh shot out my throat as I screamed, “I am your God! Breathe into me and let me release you! He works through me to save his children!” Hearing the click of the gun being empty, I flipped it around in my hand turning it into a different kind of weapon. I saw a skinny, dark haired man sitting in the middle of the room with his hands over his head. Did he think I couldn’t see him? What a sad little man. I walked to him as the rest of the patients ran to their rooms to hide. Throwing my leg out, kicking him in the side of the head, I watched him crash to the ground. I straddled him as I flipped his body around to face me. His eyes shown fear, his body shaking and flailing to get away. I smiled as I grabbed a handful of his hair to slam his head down to the floor and to hold him in place. The butt of the pistol gleamed in the light as I raised it, crashing down on his face. The blood sprayed up and I laughed.

After I finished saving the man, I closed my eyes and smiled to the ceiling, the warm red liquid sliding down my face. “He’s free now, he’s free! Come join him and dance in celebration!” I screamed in hopes to lure the others out. They mustn’t be afraid, I only want to save them from this hell. To save myself from the nurses hunting me down like a beast. This should happen, this will happen. I stood up and kicked the body as I laughed down the hall, running my hand across the wall, “Here kitty, kitty. mew mew..” reaching the first door, the room was empty. A scream filled the hall as I punched the door, sounded like down the last room.

I began to skip like a happy school girl to the room, noticing first another door. It looked to lead down a flight of stairs..probably out of the top floor. That means someone escaped, if not most. Can’t be all, walls don’t scream, I’m sure of it. Atleast that’s what the therapist said…he wouldn’t lie would he? I threw the gun at the door since it was already half closed, the force of the gun slamming it shut. What sounded like a few books fell in the other room, a menacing giggle leaving my lips, “Where are you kitty?”. I peeked my head in and saw the woman dressed in white, hunched beside a chair.

Folding my hands and pulling them back, they released a loud crackling noise. I stared down to her as I walked closer, she looking up began to plead, “Please…don’t hur..I treated you good..ple..I’m a good per..son”. She stammered through tears and snot, it was pathetic, it just made me more angry. I scowled down to her as I shouted, “This isn’t about you! This is about me! You followed me! You wanted to kill me for my good deeds! I was sent by Him to cure the world of their diseased lives and you are trying to stop His work! You aren’t good! You are a cow and you need to be slaughtered!” She cried more and more and just plead and said no. It angered me so. I lunged at her from behind and held on to her head as I continuously slammed it into the wall,hearing the gurgle of her voice, a low scream and cry as she was slowly passing. I leaned in to whisper, “Remember, I am your god, I’m here to save you, This will be over soon and then the both of us will be free..” I took a firmer grip of her head and slammed it much harder than before into the wall. She moved on to Him.

I threw her body out top of a table, it covered in her own blood, I began to paint it all over. I sat down next to the table, bloody prints all over me. They fought something that should have happened, it had to happen. And it will happen again. I looked back to the nurse, It’s crazy how much blood that comes out of such a small head. rubbing it into my hands, I smiled. He will now bless me, the Father loves me. I do his work, he sent me here to save them and to save myself. Now I can go back to the house and sleep knowing they won’t be coming for me. I am free.



Stockings: League – Side-Gartered Stockings
Upper arm tape: alterego – supa – arm tape (unsure if still available)
Hand tape: SiniStyle – Taped Fist & Black Nails
Leg cuts: PULPMOON – Legs cuts
Bloody stuff: Delusions – Bloody Casualties
Tattoo: UtopiaH – Drops of Lace Tattoo PERFECT WARDROBE
Dress: *X*plosion – DirtyDress
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck Piercing Mesh – Part 1 F
Cheek Piercings: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl1 – black
Doll: dirtland – Creepy Doll Legband
Hair: Exile – Longest Night Wild Fusion 2
Knee Pad: Kneepads! (by Vikki Placebo, marketplace is your friend)
Boots: Miel – Timber Boots
Nose ring: ni.Ju – 030913 single nose ring/monochrome (Old group gift)
Lip piercings: ni.Ju – Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain UPDATE
Gloves: R3volt – Black Studded Gloves Unisex
Skin: al vulo – Eleonor
Eyes: REPULSE – Rigor Mortis Eyes

So I have just one last request, please remember me at my best…

Dem tunes.

So hi! Remember me? Probably not! Do people still come around here? Hmmm… I do like to talk to myself a lot…

BUT YEAAAAAH! I got bored, decided to be like, hey, look at my face… this is it. You wanna kiss it? Don’t do that, herpes, do not want. But yeah, This won’t be a daily…weekly… whatever the fuck I did before. I might pop back in from time to time just to amuse myself, I’m pretty fabulous at amusing myself.



Stocking: Luck inc – Half Fishnet Stockings Black
Top Tattoo: Lovely Disarray – This Circuitry
Bottom Tattoo: Little Pricks Dont Label Me
Hairbase: AITUI – Etched Hair Base – A star, A star – 004 – Black
Nails: Scrub – Spyked Nails
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck Piercing
Long Horns: .Vect – Gynath Horn
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Mesh Hair
Cheek Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Short Horns: Zombie Suicide – Fleshy Horns
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl1 – black (group gift)
Collar: dirtyland – In Love Collar
Glove: dirtyland – Wolf inside gloves
Tail: MN – Devil Tail
Ears: Schadenfreude – Mer-Elf Ear – Spiral Horn w/ rings
Long gloves: SiniStyle – Lilith
Nose Piercing: ni.Ju – 030913 single nose ring/monochrome (old group gift)
Lip Piercing: ni.Ju Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain
Gag: alterego – gag strap – {BlackZebra} [mousey] (gacha in store)
Outfit: alterego – if you dare
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 11 DK THE ARCADE EVENT



And it comes to an end…

 I will be closing the blog at the end of this month. Thank you all for subscribing and reading but I’ve slowly lost the love for blogging. I have been trying for months but I keep getting the itch every now and then. I may blog from time to time, when i feel like it, but I will be leaving all bloggers groups and ask that all people please stop sending me things, as I do not want to feel like a freeloader. Thank you for all your time =D. Ya’ll were great. I am just that lazy and can’t keep up anymore.



❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Tallah Lowtide

Already I feel more comfortable and not stressed =3