I don’t remember you…

So, hey… remember that time I did this shit with some shit? Damn, that was good shit.

SO, I got bored of my games, my TV, and all my other sorts of entertainment, you know, like mountain hiking, god I’m so fit…but yeah I got bored of that and did this. You are welcome.

Right, so getting back into this, I’m not 100% in love with the pictures right now but I wanted to play around with something new. So right now, I’m thinking slightly tacky but SMD we going tacky right now.

Also, I’m not fully feeling this so this won’t be an everyday, every week deal. I just want to do something new (not really new, but years later, ok) for a little bit before I trail off again.




Freckles: Tabou Irresistible – Freckless & beauty marks-face+upper
Eyeliner: Birdy – {Liner} 7
Kneepads: MUKA – Spike Kneepads
Head Fins: Half-Deer – Mermaid’s Majesty – Bejewelled Head Fins – Pearl (ARCADE)
Hair: Spellbound – Melody (Riot) // Chapter I : Earth (ARCADE)
Bindi: idiot – Bindi – BLACK
Leg Bows: DirtyStories – Cutie Emo Leg Bows
Pipe: DirtyStories – Cutie Pipe
Corset: Enfant Terrible – Rosalies Corset Black
Shoes: PixelFashion – Slavia Shoes
Dimple Piercings: Zombie.Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Eyeglasses: Ariskea – [Black Dahlia] Black Glasses
Bracelets: MANDALA – SANKARA Black
Panties: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara Mesh Panties
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.2
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Handcuffs – Short
Septum: POMPOSITY – Skull Nose Piercing (x5) – SEPTUM
Feet: Slink – Feet High
Collar: Sweet Thing. Naughty Black Kitten Collar (ARCADE)
Nails: CerberusXing – Stinger
Lips: PXL – SweetLips02
Nose Chain: Scene Nacht Face Chain
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sora v2 <Alabaster>
Eyes: Phantom Eyes – Raven


marukin – at the media awards
marukin – living on beatles and drugs
LAP – RV – Take it all off PR4
co*motion – I am a fashion model – 6


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