Who are you even?

Stop the Cunt Express, I need to get on.



Cuts: Pulpmoon – Legs cuts
Tattoo: UtopiaH – Drops of Lace PERFECT WARDROBE EVENT
Necklace: League – Kandula
Dress: Xplosion – DirtyDress
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Betty
Cheek Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl
Bracelet:  dirtyland РLovers Bracelet
Nails: dirtyland – Sculpted Long Nails
Heels: Gos – Sophia Peeptoe
Nose piercing: ni.Ju – 030913 single nose ring/monochrome OLD GROUP GIFT
Lip piercings: ni.Ju – Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain
Skin: al vulo – Eleonor
Eyes: Repulse – Rigor Mortis Eyes

I invented all blogger layouts LAWL j/k I’m not uneducated =D hint hint COUGH



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