So I have just one last request, please remember me at my best…

Dem tunes.

So hi! Remember me? Probably not! Do people still come around here? Hmmm… I do like to talk to myself a lot…

BUT YEAAAAAH! I got bored, decided to be like, hey, look at my face… this is it. You wanna kiss it? Don’t do that, herpes, do not want. But yeah, This won’t be a daily…weekly… whatever the fuck I did before. I might pop back in from time to time just to amuse myself, I’m pretty fabulous at amusing myself.



Stocking: Luck inc – Half Fishnet Stockings Black
Top Tattoo: Lovely Disarray – This Circuitry
Bottom Tattoo: Little Pricks Dont Label Me
Hairbase: AITUI – Etched Hair Base – A star, A star – 004 – Black
Nails: Scrub – Spyked Nails
Neck Piercing: Scrub – Pinched Neck Piercing
Long Horns: .Vect – Gynath Horn
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Mesh Hair
Cheek Piercing: Zombie Suicide – Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Short Horns: Zombie Suicide – Fleshy Horns
Septum Piercing: adrenaliyn – septum swirl1 – black (group gift)
Collar: dirtyland – In Love Collar
Glove: dirtyland – Wolf inside gloves
Tail: MN – Devil Tail
Ears: Schadenfreude – Mer-Elf Ear – Spiral Horn w/ rings
Long gloves: SiniStyle – Lilith
Nose Piercing: ni.Ju – 030913 single nose ring/monochrome (old group gift)
Lip Piercing: ni.Ju Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain
Gag: alterego – gag strap – {BlackZebra} [mousey] (gacha in store)
Outfit: alterego – if you dare
Skin: Glam Affair – Lulu 11 DK THE ARCADE EVENT




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