I can’t stop…




Stocking: *blowpop* Fishnet Stockings -Black- Rip
Makeup: Corvus : Evil Eye Makeup
Hair: ::Exile:: Set Free:Raven
Dimple Piercings: :Zombie.Suicide: Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Facial Piercings: :Zombie.Suicide: Jewlbie Piercing
Plugs: :Zombie.Suicide: Hello Kitty plugs ADD-ON For Size 5
Ears: :Zombie.Suicide: Plain Single ear Size 5
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic
Mask: Cobrahive – Escaping Lecter
Dress: Corvus : Nia Skeleton Dress
Nails&Rings: dl:: Punk Perfect Hands
Necklace: KOSH- ADAIN NECKLACE [silver]
Skin: al vulo- Eleonor* Black 2 dark brow porcelain
Eyes: :Hebenon Vial: Shadowseer Eyes [Innocence]


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