So tiny dancer beware, we’re medicated and scared…




Shorts: {alterego} booty shorts – checkers grey
Hand Tape: SiniStyle Taped Fist & Black Nails
Bruises: Corvus : Body Bruises
Makeup: Corvus : Cruel Eye-makeup
Hair: .DK. Neopunk (in ploom)
Piercings: .Pekka. Corrupted Piercing HEAVILY MODDED
Choker: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Black Choker+Spike
Ears: :Hebenon Vial: Pierced! Ears
Dimples: :Zombie.Suicide: Dimpled Cheeks W/ Piercings
Boots: ASI Sentinel Digi Boots
Hoody: Corvus : Destroy Cropped Hoodie
Nails: dirtyland:: Sculpted Long Nails
Horns: Sensations Mesh Horns – Young Ram
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Upright Demon Tail
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Party Girl-Midnight CURIO
Eyes: :Hebenon Vial: Shadowseer Eyes [Darknening]


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