You think you’re above me, But now I’m here to envy..

Ok I don’t get out much so I rely on group notices and other blogs to show me the outside world. Going through some group notices, I found this store, Alterego. This store is huuuge! It’s full of Complete outfits (including shoes), separates, I even saw a few makeups. The store probably has more than I saw since I was in a hurry and didn’t give it a good look through. The prices were even fair for the complete outfits. Also,  there is group gift out for display, so join that group and collect it!

Ears: (pera) Droopy Ears
Horns: +panda express+ Trihorns-Chained
Long Necklace: – .HoD. – Fallen – Womens Fit
Collar: :::insanya::: Collar – Ophrys
Outfit (including mask): ::alterego :: wanna be – blue
Tail: <Hyperborea> Devil Tail – Black  MESH
Eyelashes: -6- Natural *REDGRAVE*
Hair: Magika [Hair] Electricity MESH
Right eye: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Paris Green, w1)  MESH
Left Eye: Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Dark Onyx, w1)  MESH
Skin: *League* Jen Fair Feline


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