You’re the reason why I’m thinking I don’t wanna smoke on these cigarettes no more…

these lyrics.

Annnnnyways. Today is Ashers big day! My big brother is getting rid of his freedom and fun and trading it in for nagging and lifelessness aka MARRRIED! Yay! Just kidding Scar, don’t come at me, bro.

I am the Best woMan so I get a special dress and stand with the crazy people. Sooo since I got all dressed up I decided I might as well blog…since i have been MIA… I LOST THE CREATIVE FLOW…THAT I THINK I HAD… I never had it. 

And then there was a photo and credits!

Dress:        *EC* Cariad Gown – Autumn
Ears:           (pera) Droopy Ears
Horns:       *Epic* Lil’ Twisted Succubus Horns {Coal}
Antlers:     .ILLUSORY. Twig Antlers – Clover OLD GIFT
Choker:      : Amorous : Mantra
Hair:            AOHARU_HAIR_Lauren01a(Black)
Rose:           [Wishbox] Single Red Rose — Open


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