She looks like the real thing, She tastes like the real thing, My fake plastic love..

Ello ello. So I have been preparing my avie for OSHS (Oceanside High School) for a few days now. My friends and family are all going and we plan to have some serious fun as teens. If you do the family RP thing and are playing a teen, I highly suggest registering on Feb. 20th!

For a little bit, you will see this blog go more for a casual look, as I am going to be dressing my avie more like a teen. KKTYM

Shirt:  :::Sn@tch T-Ball Jersey (Strange-J)::
Jeans:  *Crazy* Nim Jeans
Belt:  -END- controller freak belt
Ears:  :GAUGED: Human Ear – 1/2
Hair:  >TRUTH< Midori – crow
Shoes:  AKEYO sneakers AKIDAZ III
Skin:  [Aura] Briar – Slate – Milk – Frecks
Eyes:  – DAMNED – JABU Eyes LightBlue


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