I threw it on the ground!!

I’m not a part of your system!!! ..ya! >.>

Top: *League* Grandad Vest Black Open 
Hand Wraps: SiniStyle Taped Fist & Black Nails
Pants: *L.inc* Leatherpant Low Cut Digi
Dimple Piercing: - .HoD. - Dimpled Piercing - Slide 
Lashes: -Sorry.Asia- Lashes -10-
Hooves: .ILLUSORY. Goat_Socks - Black
Horns: .ILLUSORY. Horns_1a
Headphones: : Amorous : Audiopunk Headphones 
Cross Necklace: : Amorous : Fatum 
Bracelet 1: : Amorous : Galvanized (Left Bracelet)
Bracelet 2: : Amorous : Hard (Bracelet Right)
Choker: : Amorous : Mantra 
Belt: :sey Deka Logo Belt "KISS"
Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Andarial
Lip Piercing: [ni.Ju] Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain
Eyes: FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Gaelic Silver 

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