I can’t understand myself anymore..

Mk. so I havent blogged in awhile. I’m uber lazy and kinda…. preoccupied..=x. Anyways, I decided to do a quickie blog, explains why my pictures are not the best lol again, i let a blurry face slide by. But i hurried and took a pic of my face in a clear pic, so dont bitch. >=o

I kept seeing so many avies in these boots and i didnt really want to buy them but freakin mesh!!!!! these boots bend with my legs in every pose! im so so so in love with them. I refuse to take them off ..ever!

Also, if any of you know me, I obsess over the tv show Dexter. So i nearly freaked out when someone i heart a lot bought me many many dexters pretty things. yay serial killers!

HeadCap: Death Row Designs – Dexter HeadCap

Hair: Truth – June – Blacks

Sweater: Luck Inc. – Cashmere Top Longsleeve – Black

Braces: League – Grandad Braces – Black

Shorty shorts: Gawk! – Mini Panties – Black

Bloody Handprints: Delusions – Bloody Casualties – Grunge Soul Project

Face Cut: Death Row Designs – Dexter Facecut

Boots: SLink – Tall Leather Thigh Boots – Black – MESH


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