Be my little freak..

Mk, i meant to post this days ago but im lazy and rather sit in my pixel house and stare at the wall. dont judge me. So i was cruising through all the blogs i read and i saw this blog and loved the outfit. so I wanted to give it a go, with my own spin on it. I love love FUCKING LOVE my boots….LOVE!

Horns: Illusory -Horns – 1a

Hair: Ploom – Anetta – Blacks

Mask: Neurolab Inc – Mask Cyber Rave v-2.1

Necklace: HoD – Fallen Necklace

Ears: Illusory – Elven Ear – a3

Dress: Grasp – Hooded Mini Dress – Zebra/Black

Gloves: Pixels – DemonBaby Gloves – Black

Tail: Pera – Tied Imp Tail

Stockings:  Blowpop – Fishnet Stockings – Black

Guns: Breach – USP 1.5.2

Boots: Neurolab Inc – Z-1 Antigrav Boots – Black


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