I got my gun cocked tight and I’m ready to blow

Mk, yo homies. I wanted to do a little summer look and these giant, cute glasses inspired that. Then random shopping lead me to Cheerno and omg, frickin prim shorts! Are you serious?!?!?! hi5 creator, hi frickin 5! These shorts are now my favorite thing that i own…til next shopping day >.>.. just saying, i have a spending issue. And i just noticed my face was blurry…RAWR! my face doesnt matter anyways! im lazy..get off my back!

Hair: Bullwinkle – Jenica – Reds

Necklace: League – Kandula  Necklace – Black Metal

Glasses: Fishy Strawberry – Candy Bar Glasses – Rose

Shirt: Aoharu – Off Shoulder Gauze Tunic – Red

Shorts: Cheerno Femme – Suruali Shorts – Denim03

Sandals: Maitreya Gold – Flip Flops – Eclipse

Bracelet: League – Pearls and Lace – Bracelet


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