So what befalls the flawless?

Ello ello. So after this amazingly, awesome, COMPLETELY RANDOM british guy (not random at all) gave me this adorable hat, I just had to make an outfit for it. Days later, here I am. When i saw this hair I had to have it for this outfit. The style is so messy and adorable. Maybe one day ill make a normal, pretty outfit, for now, RAAAWWRRRNESS!

-Tallah Lowtide

Horns: Illusory – Horns – 1a

Hat: SISU – M43 Field Cap – Black

Hair: Dura – Emo 05 – Dark 6 color

Ears: Pera – Droopy Ears

Tail: Pera – Tied Imp Tail

Face Paint: Nuunas – Cheek Stripes v2

Necklace: Kosh – Multiplex Necklace

Jacket: Pivaaca – Drape Vest – Black

Shirt: TpB – Diepretty – White

Suspender things: League – Grandad Braces – Black

Shorts: League – Booty shorts – Dark blue

Arm Warmers: Acid & Mala – Knitted Arm Warmer – Black

Hooves: Pera – Jean Hoof Leggings – Black


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