Cause it’s easily one of the hardest things to do

So after i sold a meeroo, earned some money, I decided to look for some new stores for clothing. I own almost everything I want from every store I shop, so I need new ones! Then I came across Ronsem and holy shit, LOVE. The prim attachments for the clothing makes me sooooo happy. The details are awesome, and, they even sell mens clothing. So you can shop there with your boyfriend/husband/slave/thing while you shop for yourself. Cool story bro? i thought so =D

Look at the back of this shirt! omg LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Hair: Analog Dog – Baby – Dark

Necklace: Pepper – Basti Name Necklace – Black

Sleeves: Acid & Mala – Knitted Arm Warmer – Black

Shirt: Ronsem – Slash Back – Black

Skirt: Ronsem – Mini Skirt – Black

Boots: KAO – Suede Fringe Boots – Black


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