So I received a notecard from a friends group and it brought to my attention that there might be a copybotter with a rather huge store. so far all this mentions is the store Karma, is copybotting the store Likea. This is what the notecard said;

hi all.
At first,I'm so sorry to my bad english.
I'm japanese.
I'm owner of the store named "LikeA".
My commodity was copied. 

copy shop is KARMA(owner is  Sebastien Breen).
Arkana (106, 217, 33)

They said  "it s real jeans for the net".
But this damage design is what I drew, and never never has 
what exists in the world of real. 

Is your work safe?
If you own a store, i would suggest going to Karma 
to see if your work is being sold.

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