I want breakfast in my bed, not you!

I LOVE PRIM SOCKS!! >.> I bought a few and I usually wear them for bummy, casual looks. I loved this baggy sweater dress for a casual look. This one is sorta rushed so im not 100% in love with this look, i probably will add another later tonight. Everyone say hi to Jim in the back… then bow >.>

Sweater: Fishy Strawberry – Oversized Cardigan – Grey

Tank top: Jane – Lace Cami – Raven (black pack)

Pants: Panda Express – Scorn Pants – Lace (bonus pant with any scorn pant purchase)

Socks: Just Me – Socks Souky –  Black & White 3

Black ring: Addict – Gisele Ring – Noir

Diamond ring: Crystal Line – Whitedove ring BIGGER (old group gift, unsure if its still available)

Necklace: Glow Studio – Time Goes By Necklace (unsure if its still available)

Hair: Magika – Nayla – Black

Glasses: GOS – Custom Eyeware v3.3 – Intuition


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