I Can Breathe Without You

I love love love Ploom hair. If you haven’t heard of it, GET OUT FROM UNDER THE ROCK PEOPLE!  The styles are very unique and not as everyday looking as most hair stores in second life. Also, in this blog, I am showing off some prim nails from the only place i buy prim nails from, Candy Nail.

Sweater: Luck Inc. – Cashmere Top w/ Longsleeve – Black

Shirt: Epic – Basic Sexy Tee – White

Skirt: Urbanity – Mini Skirt – Hands

Tights: Fishy Strawberry –  Woolen Tights – Blue Stripes

Belt: Sey – Deka Logo Belt – Kiss

Necklace: LacieCake – Symphony

Boots: Miel – Far Boots – Solid

Hair: Ploom – Gabby – Black Out

Nails: Candy Nail – Flower Garden – Purple


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