Casual Streetwalker…yup!

Why do most SL women want to look like prostitutes you ask? Well, if you spent over 1k linden on a skin, you’d want to show it off as much as possible also. This shirt is one of my favorites, even though my ao and some poses make it look goofy. I had to add a pink tone to my shoes, regular black heels can be soooooooooooooo dull!

Jacket: !_Ce Cubic Effect Shirt_H7 – Beige

Skirt & Panties: >>ROOTS<< – 00js10024 – Black

Bra: Luck Inc – Cutieh Undie Lace

Shoes: *Lynx* Adonia stilletto (marketplace)

Ears: Gauged – Human Ear 1/2 – Stretcher 4

Hair: Truth – Odette – Crow


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